Iran, the nuclear bomb and the negotiation smokescreen

Getting away with it since 2002

2002 seems a long time ago now (think Enron, the warm up for the Iraq war, Avril Lavigne……). But that was the year that Iran was caught developing a secret nuclear program. Since then there have been what seem like endless negotiations. Iran initially stopped enriching the uranium it would need for a nuclear bomb. But then it started again, and restricted what the IAEA nuclear inspectors could see.

Since then it has continued to enrich uranium and build up its stockpile. This is bad enough in itself, but at the same time Iran has failed to explain away evidence of the nuclear weapons work it has carried out. Iran even got caught building a secret uranium enrichment facility which it hollowed out of a mountain. An actual mountain. A more sinister looking facility would be hard to imagine, even for a Bond Villain.




But still, the negotiations go on.

That is if you can call them negotiations. I only wish they really were, since a negotiated settlement might be the best option for everybody. But Iran knows what it can get away with and the negotiations provide a brilliant smokescreen. And the carousel of repetitive talks means that lazy journalists and commentators can trot out the same cut and paste articles, every time. I can’t be the only one that’s bored with hearing all that stuff. So I’m going to explain why all this matters, and demonstrate what Iran is up to while it defends its “obvious rights”. Did I mention that in amongst all this Iran went from enriching uranium up to five percent, to enriching to twenty percent, which is much nearer to the level you need for a bomb……


I’m going to ignore the “negotiations” and take an in depth look at the people who have been building Iran’s nuclear bomb, and the organizations they work for, and tell the real story of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Forget the conspiracy theorists and the detail obsessives. Forget the irrelevant debate over what stopped and when. Let’s look at who has done what. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and friends, this means you. The internet offers up a surprising amount of completely new information, and I’m going to present it here in a completely new way.

So what makes me different? Well, I’ve done my homework. I’ve been following this issue for a long time now, researching as I went. I’ve been thinking about doing a blog like this for a while, so here goes. I’m not going to give my real identity away, though. Just call me a disaffected analyst.


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