Iranredline - Big in Iran apparently!

It appears iranredline is hitting a nerve in Iran! On 16 January, was subject to a concerted and sustained attack, resulting in the site falling over. But like the phoenix I have arisen again and have spent some time to find out why this happened.

I have spoken to my hosting company and they identified an Iranian IP ( as being responsible. This IP was used to scan this site for vulnerabilities, and it is also clear from my logs that they were also trying to gain access to the site.. I wonder why?!

As you'd expect from your dedicated redline correspondent I've done some dogged research. Using some easily available "whois" data I've discovered that belongs to a group calling themselves Tarh Andishan who operate out of Tehran - here's a copy of the data I was provided.

So why attack your favourite blog? Well interestingly, according to whois, the address for this outfit is:

Person: Tarh Andishan طرح اندیشان

Address: Unit 10 - No. 79 - Artesh Blvd - Ministry St - Tehran - Iran

Phone: +98-21-22496658

Well .. this is interesting .. is it just pure co-incidence that this organisation is only a couple of streets away from SPND?! If anyone knows more information about this organisation i'd be very interested in hearing from you.


Could it be that Redline's punchy delivery has scored a hit? So the plot thickens!

Anyway, for all my Iranian readers thanks for your support. To Tarh Andishan thanks for being interested.


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