Rouhani calls in an AEOIOU


Reuters has just reported that President Rouhani has removed a number of hardliners from senior positions in the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran.

That’s good news, if true. And while Reuters provided few other details, based on some other indicators, it’s a credible report.

We know that Fereidoun Abbasi-Davani (فریدون عباسی دوانی) was swiftly ejected from the top job at the AEOI shortly after Rouhani’s election. Rouhani, it seems, correctly judged that having a former AMAD plan nuclear weapon scientist in charge of Iran’s enrichment infrastructure was not a good look.

Abbasi, for his part, has not gone quietly. He’s recently given this interview in Iranian daily Khorasan in which the former AEOI head has a long vent about the profound difficulties he endured while in that position.

So who else has likely been booted from the AEOI? If the Reuters article is correct, Abbasi’s associates are probably gone too. To recall, they included:

Seyyed Shams-aldin Borborudi (سید شمس الدین بربرودی)

Mahmoud Haratian Nejad (محمود هراتیان نژاد)

Parviz Rashidi Ranjbar (پرویز رشیدی رنجبر)

It’s good news that these men are nowhere near Iran’s declared nuclear infrastructure. But it might take them some time to divest themselves of their financial holdings in the AEOI.

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