Reorganisation. It’s the word we all dread. It’s complex. It’s brutal. It often means you move out of your comfort zone. And no one is immune. Not even the US PGA.

The SPND (سازمان پژوهش و نوآوری دفاعی or سپند) is also changing its line up. But how will this effect senior management? Or the morale of the workers? The organisation is hardly a model of peak efficiency. They even failed to keep the secret facilities at Mojdeh Street (خیابان مژده) and Sanaye Street (خیابان صنایع) secret.


As we said previously Akbar Motallebizadeh (علی اکبر مطلب زاده) and Mohammad Sadegh Naseri (محمد صادق ناصری) are on the move. They are breaking away from the clutches of the SPND/AMAD franchise and heading off to pastures new. The SPND will be without two of its most important characters. And SPND head honcho Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (محسن فخری زاده) has shed two of his long-term buddies.

But, contrary to popular opinion, SPND is not an organisation to leave things rudderless or without direction. Important research topics leave time for no man. Our money is on an insider to succeed Motallebizadeh.

Redline reckons that Mohammad Reza Mehdipour (محمدرضا مھدى پور) could be the leading candidate. He is of course Head of METFAZ (مرکز تحقیقات فناوری انفجار و ضربه or متفاز) where he succeeded General Javad Al-Yasin (جواد آل یاسین).

As a reminder METFAZ is the pride of the SPND, and a department whose activities Redline has previously described as indefensible. METFAZ staff must view themselves as being better than individuals in other SPND departments. All those mathematicians working away on calculations and all those explosive experts busy working out explosions. Redline reckons this beats other parts of the organisation that just visit conferences.

Being in charge of such an important department must make Mehdipour one of SPND's rising stars. So succeeding Motallebizadeh would be a natural step for him. But we would sound a warning; these are big shoes to fill. And nobody wants to be the Gary Cherone of SPND.


On the cold lonely nights in Mojdeh Street we would reckon that taking over from Motallebizadeh as the Head of Shahid Karimi will give his successor nightmares. Put yourself in their shoes and feel the pressure. Motallebizadeh led on some of the highest profile work within the SPND. That said he also led on less high profile issues like housing moves for SPND scientists and ensuring everyone had a working pistol (though that’s no minor issue given the safety record of scientists who work on Iran Nuclear file).

We imagine the staff of the SPND will be difficult to deal with. No money. No prestige. Having to deal with constant complaining from Mohammed Reza Sedighi Saber, (محمدرضا صديقي صابر). The eyes of the international community looking at your organisation during the JPOA period. MOIS (وزارت اطلاعات جمهوری اسلامی ایران) and MODAFL counter-intelligence officers looking to uncover your secrets and vet your staff appointments. And no opportunity to leave.

Perhaps the new head of MetFaz can turn to Fakhrizadeh for advice. We would bet that Fakhrizadeh will be instrumental in whoever is appointed to head Shahid Karimi. And there is no way Fakhrizadeh would want his man to fail.

Because at the heart of it all the SPND Commander in Chief remains the same. No matter how much money is cut. No matter how publicly exposed the SPND becomes Fakhrizadeh is still there. He’s busy trying to keep the organisation running, shuffling around his declining resources and updating his wikipedia profile.

But at times you wonder if it is not time to shake the SPND up from top to bottom. Carry out a complete reorganisation. Remove the Chief, dump the nuclear weapon research folders and do something new and more beneficial for mankind.

Then a bit like the 3 Amigos, Fakhrizadeh can then follow Motallebizadeh and Mohammad Sadegh Naseri into the sunset.

3 amigos

Redline can only dream

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