Leave it to Cleaver

Despite positive developments in the nuclear-sphere it seems that Redline is as much of a target in Iran as South Korea is for North Korea or Taylor Swift is for haters.

Once again Redline has been attacked. By someone in Iran. Unsuccessfully.

Our technical guru, and by that we mean a guy we met at Starbucks, pointed out that we were subject to another Iranian Cyber attack in March 2015. Not that we noticed particularly and we’ve been assured that none of our stuff was taken – you won’t be seeing a Redline naked selfie anytime soon.

You’ll remember that previously Redline had attracted the attention of Iranian hacking group Tarh Andishan, those of Op Cleaver fame. This handy map shows the countries targeted:


A rundown of the organisations that Cleaver targeted, including Redline, left us with the distinct impression that there was a hidden SPND-hand in these cyber incursions.

These recent attacks on Redline were similar in style to the ones we experienced from Tarh Andishan but a bit, well, amateurish. Either Tarh Andishan have just let themselves go, or this was the work of some less well-resourced hacking collective.


What Redline knows is that this attack came from inside Iran and, according to our cyber guru, these are the IP addresses that they came from:

•; Telecommunication Company of Hamedan •; Rasaneh Esfahan Net •; ASMANFARAZ SEPAHAN ISDP •; Rasaneh Esfahan Net

If you don’t believe us, just look at our guru, would you doubt him?


There’s nothing here to literally lead us to Tarh Andishan’s front door, not like last time, but for some reason these Iranian hackers won’t leave Redline alone. Maybe Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (محسن فخری زاده) and SPND (سپند) have put a cyber bounty on our head.

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