Desperately Seeking Soleimani

The news that Iran and the West had agreed the “Not a Deal” Nuclear Deal will have had many in Iran’s nuclear project considering what is important to them.

Self-preservation is the name of the game now. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh (محسن فخری زاده) and SPND know that too well, especially now we’ve established that their previous protector, Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan (حسین دهقان), is not too impressed with what he has seen so far.

Who better for Mr Fakhrizadeh to turn to than the hero of the hour, commander of the secretive IRGC Quds Force, Major General Qasem Soleimani (قاسم سلیمانی) . Just look at that charismatic half-raised eyebrow!


With all the publicity Soleimani has been getting in Iran recently the normally media-shy Fakhrizadeh and Pals must be wishing for a photo-opportunity with him. Get that selfie-stick ready Mohsen! Too late, someone already beat him to it:


Yes, that is the Commander of Iran’s most secretive and deadly military organisation posing for a selfie with what looks like a hairy Jeff Goldblum.

But why would Fakhrizadeh seek him out? Soleimani has pretty much nothing to do with SPND. The Quds Force is busy trying to kick some ISIS butt and Redline can’t see how Fakhrizadeh and SPND are going to help out there. ISIS even seems to have a feline persuasion so it’s unlikely even trusty old Space Cat can help there.

If Fakhrizadeh is trying to get face time with Soleimani it smacks of desperation and makes Redline think that in the words of the Scorpions, the winds of change may be blowing through SPND.

The question is, if Fakhrizadeh was on his way out, who would be in line to the throne?

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