Redline outs another AMAD Man

Our recent walk down memory lane with Redline favourite Kamran Daneshjou has made us nostalgic for the AMAD days.

In 2015, it's hard to imagine Iran's leadership letting a bunch of untalented regime cronies try to shoehorn a nuclear warhead into a Shahab-3 missile. In 2002, though, that's exactly what they did as part of the AMAD nuclear weapons program: the shoehorny aspect of it was called Project 111, and it was led by Dr Daneshjou. He was AMAD's aerospace guru.


We do have a soft spot for Daneshjou, even though his predilection for elevator love makes him less a poster-boy for aerospace and more of one for Aerosmith.

Enough cheap shots. As multi-talented as the man is, it's important to remember that Daneshjou wasn't working single-handedly on Project 111. Trying to wrestle that big red steel ball into the missile and preventing it from flopping about in flight was a big job.

The organisation responsible for doing it was something that later became called the Centre for Research and Development of Modern Aerospace Technologies or CRDMAT (مركز تحقيقات و طراحي فناوريهاي نوين هوافضا). How do we know that? The IAEA has said so, for one. And Daneshjou's own CV states that he headed CRDMAT between 2002 and 2005.

Today Redline is pleased to reveal one of Daneshjou's top deputies in CRDMAT, someone who was as red-ball deep in nuclear weapon research as Daneshjou himself was.

That person's name is Alireza Torab Aghdami (عليرضا تراب اقدامي)

As public sources make clear, Aghdami worked as an executive assistant (معاون اجرایی) in CRDMAT, most likely reporting directly to Daneshjou.

And ever since then, Aghdami's career has closely tracked his patron's. In 2007, Aghami was selected as a member of the Tehran province election headquarters, run by... Kamran Daneshjou.

Then, in 2011, Aghjami became an executive in Iran's Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, run by... Kamran Daneshjou.

Wow - nice work, Engineer Aghjami. You must be really talented!! Or maybe you just know how to work a good red ball gag. Something Redline has clearly failed at...

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