Hold the phones, and take a deep breath - the deal of the century has been finalised! For anyone thinking this is referring to the Greek deal, sorry to disappoint; today is all about Iran and the P5+1. It's taken a lot of dedication, resources, patience and compromise to get here (the negotiating team is probably sick of hotel shampoo and sandwich platters), and we've ended up with an interesting deal.

The deal itself still needs to be approved by Congress, which could be a hard sell, and it remains to be seen how some of the other players - like Israel and Saudi Arabia - will react. It looks like both sides have given significant concessions on the sticking points of the negotiations - inspections of Iranian non-nuclear sites, verification and compliance mechanisms, and the scale and pace of sanctions relief.

Ultimately though, a deal's a deal, and hopefully all of the parties involved will grasp the opportunity to honour it. One of the key efforts throughout the negotiations has been to formulate unambiguous language that will hopefully limit opportunities for both sides to misinterpret the deal - or for Iran to act in bad faith and blame it on the wording.

Somewhere in Tehran, Fakhrizadeh is probably twiddling his thumbs and wondering just what this means for SPND, and his own role as the head of one of Iran's most sensitive and misbehaving organisations. Will SPND fall into line and cease its more questionable activities to act in good faith? Or will they just continue to compartmentalise and hide their work, so it's even further from detection by the international community? Redline is wondering exactly the same thing, and will be taking some time to have a deeper look. We'll be back with more.

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